Why John Paul Jones Is The Most Important Part of Led Zeppelin

Simone Joyner, Getty Image

No John Paul Jones. No Led Zeppelin

There was no shred of doubt that John Paul Jones was an important contributor to Led Zeppelin and is a brilliant bassist in his own right.

Jones bass playing and keyboards were an essential part of the Zeppelin chemistry. John Paul Jones is like the patty on a burger, without the patty you just can’t call it a burger (I don’t know if this the right example but, it kind of makes the point). Without John Paul Jones brilliant bass playing, Led Zeppelin’s music would lack in structure.

The heavy bass that Jones produced makes us feel powerful and pretty much confident in listening to their songs.

Yeah, he may not show some flashy solos or shredding, but Jones as their bassist is one of the very keys to their success. He provides the very backbone of their songs, and one example is “Dazed and Confused,” without the sweet bass line of Jones in it, it would have been boring.

Remember, if John Paul Jones is the most important part of Zeppelin, then every bass player in the world are also the same, the key players in any band. So you need to pay more attention to them. You need to thank them for their contribution to making us able to see the big picture in the music.

Check the sweet bass line of “Dazed And Confused” in the video below: