Why Journey’s Arnel Pineda is Incomparable to Steve Perry

Which Journey Singer Is Better?

It was around 1998 when Steve Perry was dropped out as the frontman of one of the greatest classic rock group Journey. Even though Steve Perry was the very reason that the band had its greatest hits and success in the mid-late ’80s, his replacements did well also in the charts and even on tour. In 2007, after Perry left the group there was an immediate replacement and it was Steve Augeri, though due to a chronic throat infection, Augeri was replaced by a Filipino singer Arnel Pineda whom they found on youtube. Journey original members and co-founders, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain flew Pineda all the way from Manila to the states so he can have his audition for the position as the new frontman of the band, and of course, he won the part.

But why is it that Arnel Pineda is incomparable to Steve Perry? Well to answer that question – Steve Perry is Journey. Steve was the best then, though his voice has changed due to age. Arnel Pineda brings a new life and refreshes Journey songs for this generation of rock fans so that they can experience Journey ‘s music and enjoy it. Journey was Steve Perry but then again, Journey is about its music now and that is why Arnel Pineda is a perfect fit for the band today. There is absolutely no comparison, it was because of Steve Perry why Journey became famous. You might say that Arnel Pineda can take on Perry today, but back in the day though, Steve has so much power and in a more relaxed way – not forced.

As much as the fact that Steve Perry is gone is hard to accept, we have to face it. They needed the replacement and they found a perfect one. Yup, Arnel is great (and no one can say he isn’t) but you can’t just go around saying that he beat the original. He may not be Steve but he does the job pretty well on his own. That being said, let’s just enjoy the music.

What about you, which was the better singer? Tell us what you think.