Why Led Zeppelin Needed To Changed Their Name For One Show

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Have you ever wondered why Led Zeppelin was called Led Zeppelin? Although the name may sound a bit absurd, its story makes sense and, in fact, a lot of great musicians were to blame for it. It all started, in fact, when Keith Moon (The Who) tried to tease Jimmy Page.

The story goes – taken up in ‘The British Invasion’ by Barry Miles – that, at some point in the ’60s, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Keith Moon, and John Entwistle had the idea of ​​forming a music supergroup. However, good old Moon did not think that this project would go ahead, and stated that the band would work “like a Lead Zeppelin”. Entwistle went on to say that he would, in fact, go as “a lead zeppelin”. Jimmy Page must have liked the idea because he stuck with the name and those known as The New Yardbirds would end up being called Led Zeppelin.

However, this was not the last name change the band underwent. And it is that, as narrated by Grunge, the legendary British band had to change their name during a concert in Denmark, more specifically, to “The Nobs”, only for one night. Why? The reason is the most absurd.

The band was forced to change its name in response to a noblewoman known as Eva von Zeppelin, the granddaughter of Ferdinand von Zeppelin, founder of the Zeppelin airline company but apparently not the inventor of the air vehicle. Be that as it may, Eva decided to single out the band for using her family’s name and even threatened to take legal action against the band members if they ever performed under the Led Zeppelin name in Denmark.