Why Paul McCartney Albums Were Destroyed By Critics

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Is It Because of Paul Lived And John Died?

Well, to explain why Paul McCartney was hated by the critics during his solo “post-Beatle” career because it was impossible to top the Beatles, and secondly, critics did, of course, favored John Lennon that’s why they were tough on Paul watching his every action.

Of course, Paul, when starting his solo career journey, he managed to record some incredible music (and had by far the best output of the Fab Four), he also had really great songs like  “”Mary Had a Little Lamb” early in the decade and “London Town” toward the end of the decade of 1970. Though his last album 70’s album, “Back to the Egg” was a commercial success, it was as well became a huge critical flop. His first album of the 80s “McCartney II” surely lacked creativity and was ultimately weird.


So to get to the point, Paul released a lot of mediocre songs in his post-Beatles career.  Despite being a brilliant and unbelievably prolific songwriter, his biggest problem was, after The Beatles, he released almost everything he recorded. Thus, he was rushing everything, no space on an album as there had been with The Beatles, no one to critic his work or improved some of them. It was only then Lennon was tough enough to critic Paul when they were writing music for the Beatles.

Paul, doing everything he can to revive his status by pursuing a solo career, it didn’t certainly help him, and often people love to see their heroes fail. As it was Paul who was resented as the one who “Broke Up The Beatles,” but it was not exactly true, causing him to dare himself able to carry on without them.

One thing is certain, he did release a lot of crap, but of course, along with the gems.