Why Rock N’ Roll Should Stay Alive Forever

There’s This Theory That Once The Famous Rock Band Members Pass Away Rock Music Will Die

The fact is it is almost dead, but people still play it but it has become just a “CLASSIC.”

Rock Music needs to be alive for the next generation to come. There are many new, fresh, and vibrant rock artist out there needed to be heard.

When rock n’ roll came along every one picked up their instruments and started to learn and play. It should go on, and people have to play it forever. Rock N’ Roll music has helped generation to generation and it will continue to do so if we go and revived it, learned it, received it, took it, and made it once again the greatest musical genre to ever been created. The next generation will understand how music came to being, not because it’s loud and annoy our parents, but because it hits young people’s heart.


We have to get it out and get people away from thrash that people today call “MUSIC.”

Rock will only die if we let it and has given up on it. We don’t have to mourn on its demise because it doesn’t have to die.

All the great ones and the hallmarks of rock and roll are surely slowly passing away but while it’s thriving we have to retain it for the next generation to come.

It’s not for us but for the youth, and the next one, the next one, and until it ceases to exist.

The only problem that we’re facing it’s that young music fans have directed their attention to the CRAP MUSIC we have today. There’s somebody out there, and someday they will emerge into the scene who has the same level of talent as the Beatles. We just have to help them to attract a mass following.

But while we’re at it, go listen to the new rock artists below: