Why Scott Stapp Was Sued By Creed Fans

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Fan devotion often encounters its fair share of challenges. While concert mishaps aren’t unheard of, one incident involving the band Creed and its lead singer, Scott Stapp, took a unique turn, resulting in a $2 million lawsuit by disgruntled fans.

The controversial episode unfolded on December 29, 2002, during a Creed show at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois

. Stapp’s erratic behavior during the performance led four local fans to file a lawsuit, alleging that the vocalist was ‘intoxicated and/or medicated’ to the point where he couldn’t sing a single Creed song. The fans, who had paid $227 for four tickets, demanded a refund for their concert tickets and reimbursement for parking fees.

During the ill-fated concert, Stapp reportedly forgot lyrics, stumbled multiple times, and even left the stage for a baffling 10-minute absence. Creed, while not offering ticket refunds, issued an apology to the fans in January, stating,

“The band has heard that you are unhappy with the quality of the recent Creed show in Chicago… There has been much concern about Scott’s health, and we want to assure everyone that he is doing very well and is taking a much-needed break at home in Orlando.”


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In response to the accusations, Stapp clarified his actions three months later, denying the claims made by the fans.

He explained that what appeared as him passing out during the song ‘Who’s Got My Back’ was, in fact, a symbolic act. Stapp revealed to the Orlando Sentinel in 2003,

“It was a symbolic, personal gesture. I had some things going on in my life… It was a symbol that I didn’t think anybody had my back at the time. Some people get it. Some people don’t.”

Despite Stapp’s explanation, the legal battle continued. The fans’ attorney, Daniel Voelker, emphasized their expectations from Creed as a band known for their reliability. He noted,

“Creed have this reputation in the industry as being a band you can count on… So by being intoxicated during a performance, concertgoers are entitled to a claim for relief.”

Eventually, in September 2003, the judge dismissed the lawsuit but allowed the fans to amend their complaint, indicating that the fight was far from over. The incident added a chapter of controversy to Creed’s history, a period already marked by internal struggles and personal challenges faced by the band members. Despite the hurdles, Creed’s music continues to resonate, reminding fans of the complexities within the world of rock and roll, where even the most celebrated artists face their trials and tribulations.