Why The Velvet Underground & Nico Album Is One Of The Legendary Albums You Didn’t Know About

A Forgotten Rock N’ Roll Achievement.

Not only that “Velvet Underground & Nico” album is one of the legendary albums we often overlooked, but it is also arguably the most influential album that has influenced the classic punk era and one of the main foundations of other artist starting from 1967 at the time it was released.

All that said, it’s amazing it never saw the light of day and sat in the shadows for a very long time.  Personally, I think this album should be universally lauded for being influential than being overlooked or ignored. We could definitely trace a lot of music back to “Velvet Underground & Nico” album, mainly punk rock. — Music like early Alice Cooper, Jonathan Richman, and some of the rock groups that came in later 90s.

“Velvet Underground & Nico Album” is one of those records that “only a few people bought it – but afterward they all started forming their own bands.”

The sad thing about it is that it would never be described as being “the most influential album ever.” I guess, it takes a great masterpiece a long time to be considered as historical, and I hope someday this album will be revisited by music historians and receive a more noteworthy standing in the course of time and the light will shine down upon it.

If you haven’t spent any time to listen to this “forgotten” album, I guess this is the time before it’s too late.