Why There Can Never Be A Band As Big As The Beatles

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The Most Important Part Of Music History: The Beatles

There will never be another Beatles, nor even as popular as them. For one thing, they were exceptionally great in an era of “ROCK LEGENDS.”

They were at a most perfect juncture of history when the popular music hit the society and culture. All was changing rapidly, and in the most unprecedented ways; Media were successful in making it all accessible. The Beatles ride that crest and the changes, and the rests were history. And it never ever been the same ever again.

It may be possible to think that there can be a band make it as big as the Beatles, because of culture changes quickly nowadays. But again, NO! It is impossible to achieve such as a feat right at this very moment. In order for it to happen, the whole structure of our society must change.

You might be confused WHY: So here’s the thing, the Beatles were really that great at what they do. And yes, The Beatles were one of the greatest moments in the history of music. And also, there’s nothing to do during that era. You can’t check your status on your Facebook account, limited technologies, and stuff. All people can access at the time were radio, television, and MUSIC.

The problem with bands today they are also competing as well with tons of music genres that never existed before. If today would like to compete and go for the title AS BIG AS the Beatles would also have to appeal to fans of different genres, and whatever else is out there. Here’s the tricky part: ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The word “EVER” is a long period of time, and could be equal to infinity. Making these assumptions doesn’t make me happy, but facts are facts. Rock music as we know it now, beating the Beatles at their game is HIGHLY Improbable. The Beatles were not even a supergroup — they were just THAT good. The Beatles certainly changed rock music. When they came along, rock n’ roll was saved. And ever since they came out in the scene, other bands have come as well and changed music. The likes of the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Nirvana etc., but always remember these bands that came after wouldn’t have existed, nor had a tune if it wasn’t from the younglings from Liverpool.