Why These Musicians Were Investigated By The FBI

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Since its inception in 1908, the FBI has been suspicious of the ever-controversial world of music. Drugs, free love, communism, or bohemia have been mainly the causes of the scrutiny of musicians by the US authorities. Some cases were the most notorious, others were not. We review the great artists who have been persecuted by the federal.

John Lennon

Enemy number 1 of the republicans. The Beatle was steadfast in his public opposition to the Vietnam War, saying no to British military intervention in Northern Ireland, and giving numerous interviews to peace advocates during the 1960s and early 1970s – his name entered the FBI blacklist.


Jimi Hendrix

According to a 34-page FBI report, the feds began investigating the famous guitarist after he was arrested for possession of hashish and heroin at the Toronto airport in 1969. The dossier also explains that the artist put LSD in the bandana of his head before the concerts begin. In this way, the drug was dissolving as he played. Apparently, Hendrix was a danger for taking a psychedelic trip every night.

Elvis Presley

The first director of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover was concerned about the “exciting nature” of Elvis Presley. In a letter found in the organization’s archive, he describes it thus: “actions and motions were such as to arouse the sexual passions of teenaged youth.” Poor Elvis, he was so sexy he bordered on criminality.


Frank Sinatra

Known by all as ‘The Voice’, he earned the nickname ‘The Racketeering Extortionist’ in the ranks of the FBI. A more than 1,300-page report details his mob connections, his arrest for adultery, and how he escaped World War II by claiming mental instability and a punctured eardrum.


Jim Morrison

The Doors frontman was arrested on at least four occasions. The most notorious was that of a concert in Miami in 1969. He arrived drunk and allegedly masturbated in front of the public. The incident reached the ears of the FBI, which has not taken its eyes off it ever since. He was charged with lewd and lewd behavior, profanity, public exposure, and drunkenness.