Wolfgang Shares Meeting Lars Ulrich and Unforgettable Invite

via Ola Englund / Youtube

Wolfgang Van Halen, the talented musician and frontman of Mammoth WVH, recently shared an extraordinary experience of meeting Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and the unexpected invitation that followed. As the band gears up for their upcoming album “Mammoth II” and embarks on a tour with Metallica, Wolfgang reflects on the surreal journey that led to this remarkable opportunity.

The Fateful Meeting with Lars Ulrich

During a conversation with 955KLOS, Wolfgang Van Halen recalled the first time he met Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. To his surprise, Lars was incredibly kind and cordial during their interaction. Little did Wolfgang know that this seemingly casual meeting would pave the way for a momentous opportunity.

He shared his amazement at being asked to join the tour, stating:

“He was super kind, super nice, shook hands and talked for a little bit. I had no idea that would lead him asking us to take part in the tour. I kind of can’t believe that.”

The Honor of Touring with Metallica

Wolfgang expressed his excitement and honor to be part of Metallica’s entire tour, being the only opening act to perform in every venue alongside the legendary band. Recounting their first concert in Amsterdam, he described the overwhelming awe and astonishment they experienced. The grandiosity of the stage and the thrill of performing in front of enthusiastic fans left the entire band in a state of disbelief.

Wolfgang shared:

“We’ll be opening for them for their whole tour, I think we’re the only opener to be playing every building with them, which is very crazy, [I’m] very excited, very honored to be a part of it. We already just did Amsterdam which was just crazy. They have a really crazy stage, so it’s definitely a first. But yeah, very excited and honored to be a part of it.”

The Emotional Impact of Joining Van Halen

Separately, Wolfgang touched upon the emotional impact of joining Van Halen as a bassist in 2007. While he was there to support his father, the late Eddie Van Halen, he became the subject of scrutiny and criticism. The weight of expectations and public perception took a toll on Wolfgang, causing significant emotional distress.

He revealed:

“I was there to support my dad, but I was aware that I’d become the biggest enemy of every forty-to-fifty-year-old man out there in the world. It was something I didn’t know how to handle. That did a lot of damage to me.”

From a chance meeting with Lars Ulrich leading to a dream collaboration with Metallica to the emotional challenges of joining his father’s iconic band, Wolfgang’s musical career has been filled with highs and lows.