You Can’t Go On Your Day Without Watching Buckethead Slap The Bass

via The Loop Loft/Facebook

This Is Beyond Awesome

Anyone who has never heard of Buckethead or his music is missing out big time. Not everyone’s fond of him and his style but it’s hard to deny that he has some serious skills worthy of praise. He may be a multi-instrumentalist but he’s well-known for his eclectic style when playing the electric guitar.

His versatility is beyond impressive – he can go from jazz to hard rock and perform it all flawlessly. He’s elusive, sure, but that’s perhaps part of his appeal. He plays insanely good but we don’t know much else. He’s a bit bizarre and yet innovative. He’s clearly an artist through and through.

“Because I was always super scared to play, and I didn’t really link that together, I just thought ‘This is weird.’ Like a horror movie guy. And when he saw it he was like ‘You should just go for it!'” – Buckethead on creating his onstage persona

via The Loop Loft/Facebook

And when we saw this clip of him slapping his bass, we were astounded. It’s not even his main instrument and yet, he killed it in this jam. His skill level is god. Imagine the amount of hard work he had to put into every rehearsal and practice.

“I have definitely fear stopping me. I definitely have been cowardly with a lot of things because I’m scared. And I think that that fear has just kept me kind of paralyzed for doing a lot of things like that I know that I should do. And I’m constantly trying to battle that.” – Buckethead

His air of mystery is part of the package. Besides, is there anything more intriguing than someone who wears a bucket on his head while playing one epic solo after another? His skills are definitely no joke. This guy knows how to leave everyone’s jaws on the floor.

Just watch…