You Should Never Do This To Street Guitarist!

via shatnershairpiece / Youtube

When dealing with these hostile folks, this street musician demonstrates remarkable patience and tolerance. Incredible arrogance from oblivious clowns. If he was performing in a public place, we could listen to him all day. The performer is doing the community a favor as long as it is not excessively loud. He should be rewarded rather than ridiculed or “moved on.”

Who do these individuals think they are??? Everyone believes they are in authority. The street musician handled Ken beautifully. The guitarist is undoubtedly a gifted musician who serves an important service by providing high-quality music. The majority of folks appreciate it! Keep it up, man!  Why can’t these people simply let the dude jam on his musical instrument? I’m sure it was aggravating to have your amp unplugged, but you gotta admire how he handled it.

Sorry, this happened, but the guitar skill is fantastic! Keep going for the video below: