Zakk Wilde Jamming With His Son Is What You Need Today

Another Great Rockstar Parenting! 

Zakk Wylde is definitely one of those Instagram active users, and you can’t resist to follow him at his every post. He can always fascinate you with his daily stuff like the “Wylde Audio Guitar/Pizza Oven O’ Doom.”

Just recently the legendary guitar slinger took to his Instagram with a new jam, “Toxic Diarrhea,” and here’s the fun part: He’s jamming with his six-year-old son and enjoying every moment.

With a caption: “Black Label father and son cherished moments w/ the Sabbath Page Toxic Diarrhea birthday bowel blowout family yell along Black Label children’s classic,” the song is definitely fun, and its riffs are enjoyable. The video might kind of confuses you if its really Zakk Wylde because he is mostly out of the frame, as the camera focuses more on his son, who was ecstatic the whole time while having the pleasure of playing his Legos on the kitchen table — FATHER AND SON BONDING AT ITS FINEST!